General Manager Speaking

General Manager Speaking

After 12 years of hard work and growth, Dongguan Tejing Precision Fixture Co., Ltd. has made an iron dragon vacant! I am very grateful for going out of Guangdong and spreading to all parts of the country, gaining market and industry recognition with steady and rapid development.

Behind the steady advancement and countless praises, it is inseparable from the hard work, dedication and dare to innovate of each special crystal person; it is inseparable from the encouragement, support and sincere cooperation of many partners; it is inseparable from the trust and recognition of consumers everywhere And loyalty to products; ... These are the important power and confidence sources that Tejing can lay a solid foundation for, rapid development, and success towards success.

Tiandao rewards diligence, authentic rewards, humane rewards, business rewards, the development of special crystal in recent years proves that integrity is the foundation of enterprise survival, customer demand is the orientation of enterprise development, innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, quality and service are Guarantee of enterprise development. Looking into the future, I am also convinced that continuous innovation in scientific development concepts, advancing management models, modern production technology, and the help of friends from all walks of life, as always, will lead us to a faster, wider and safer development route.

Today's special crystal has been working hard forward; tomorrow's special crystal, I hope to continue working hand in hand with you!